Maples makes me happy to plane and mortise.

I found some firewood online and my guess turned out to be some kind maple tree with purple sap. Some big pieces and the best is that is fresh. Makes it nicer to rive or split since not all pieces that long. But to square up, plane and to mortise it is very friendly, and best of all is free.


Hopefully my choice in splitting for quarter sawn pays off when it is dry.

IMAG1096   IMAG1093

A few pieces to dry up a little.I am basically split then squaring and I guess in the end I will have lots of legs.


The top of a chair mortised through from both sides in lest than 5 minutes. Love that green stuff, cutting this is hard maple would kill my edge and my shoulders.


3 more legs.

Below is my inside chopping block for after work , again is some nasty and very hard storm gumtree stump. I guess I will end with some fun and probably some firewood too.



intro to green wood

Well a few updates, the bench is looking more like a bench, still need a front rail, and some dog holes and still considering vise options. I have split apart the oak find and started to make a axe block (which will probably been replaced when I locate a larger one).

Bench has four legs now


Oak in two and hardwood block with legs (still to be assembled)

Oak find in two
Hardwood axe block


chop of choice, small single bevel hatchet.


Old hatchet



Scoping out the local plane trees.


And then there were 4 legs

legs clamped in placeAm done with these tenons especially the angle ones. Below is pic from behind, that is from the angled leg side.



From the font, where you would work from.

I have just clamp the stretcher on in pic, but the weight it hardly need them.

So next time it will be cutting out the stretchers. Fun again with a panel saw and I get to use my new saw bench I build last year.

Interesting tool Museum in Camden, NSW

This museum has loads of nice tools some within hands reach, though there are cameras, some on the wall within reach and some in the chest and display cabinet.  There are tools of all kinds, a section dedicated to carpenters and blacksmithing etc, which are all from local area, not too specific, there is some history stories to read placed around the museum. There was a timber mill here built back in Macarthur’s time just on the entrance to Camden. Really interest place, two levels and half top level is just dedicated to tools of all kinds.  Is open 7 days all day and free entry or coins offered.



Photo did not turn out as expected with lighting, but some nice planes where inside.

And then there were 3 legs.

Cut and fitted the right side angled leg. Still need to cut the second angled legs which is already oversized. Working in this heat will certainly make me loose some weight. 190120141306


After going to all the trouble these massive mortises, I am concerned about the split in the slab, I am thinking of putting some ends on sooner or some butterfly joints down the middle to help it not move apart.


190120141307 190120141308 190120141309