Horizontal axe block



This is my new horizontal axe block, that the axe does not not get stuck in. It was also a very functional use of an half stump (that was way too heavy to move around) Actually this is the block that I hurt my back on a while back.






Squaring and stock prep from Maple Logs


Stock to become lumber, smaller and square on the left and wider and large on the right. But all were quartered and rived with the sap wood and pith taken off.

IMAG1111 IMAG1110

First real go at a spoon. home made sharpening paddle for knives and axes.


Still a little more logs to go, one decent one left and few weird forks.






Longer but thinner.


New Axe block


So this monster has become my main axe block and has great inertia, and will last a long time. I picked up a few other which may also become secondary axe blocks. The great width makes it very safe to use as you have lots of room to put the work and the head of the axe further from your legs.



Squaring up the swamp oak

These timbers were split from the previous oak branch with froe and previously made beetle.


Then rived into rectangles


Below early construction of a shave horse, made from recycled Oregon from under the house and some random branches.

IMAG1057 IMAG1058

Oak discovered.

So the oak I found in an unknown park is actually Swamp oak or sister to Sheoak, and grows everywhere is Sydney. Well one of them was split in two and clean up on both sides ready for the froe to arrive. The other find could not be split, the axe did not ever mark it, nor did the sledge and cold concrete chisel. I guess I will have to get proper wedge to split that one open. I am yet to examine the grain but found a nice discussion these here on these sheoaks. Well I guess when I get to split them up we’ll see. My front pine lost another limb thanks to my mother in law, but it shall not be wasted.


Making of my club
Making of my club from smaller limb.

intro to green wood

Well a few updates, the bench is looking more like a bench, still need a front rail, and some dog holes and still considering vise options. I have split apart the oak find and started to make a axe block (which will probably been replaced when I locate a larger one).

Bench has four legs now


Oak in two and hardwood block with legs (still to be assembled)

Oak find in two
Hardwood axe block


chop of choice, small single bevel hatchet.


Old hatchet



Scoping out the local plane trees.