fast is slow, slow is fast

This is what I keep telling myself but slow is just slow and time is like water in my hands. 80% of the ceiling insulation and some of the tears in sarking are fixed. 3/9 windows are under coated and a few door frame painted.


Changed all should height door handles to modern door handles Macy can reach. Scrapped down the garage door 70% for repainting. Under coated bathroom window. Painted around mother in law’s skirting board for new wardrobe build. Still in process of removing old spiral balances but they are not easy to do (in sense you need to break window operation while getting it sorted).   Garden coming along, mother in law has probably kill every plant/tree/shrub we had when first moved in but in her deference we have veggies and roses to show for it.


Found some nice English Oak in a walk in known park, looks like very straight grained, I just need to split it to do so.


Still have a load of work to be done. Still waiting 2 months for awning people to pull to install back security door and front awing (guess I won’t find out how effective it really is till next summer). A birthday just passed and each week is psychological mind field … anyway this is a Friday so …. I should relax

A little further on my new bench. but still have the other main stay around for a while.










Set up my sisters old play set, but Macy is still a little small to use it.