Paving almost done


Yes the weekend I decide to pave backyard the mother of all storms comes along,


Moving 6 ton of gravel and sand from the front yard to the backyard is not much fun. Firstly getting base at correct level took weeks, 75 mm of compacted gravel, and 2 inches of sand. Then pave, and then here come the rain, rain, storm rain, rain and more ….Weekend after, still raining but had a little time to fix some of the alignment and cut the rest of the pavers to size and fit some what. no sealer or grout yet, since it has not dried out yet,and still raining 2 weeks later.


Money well spent. New light fittings, and fixtures in all rooms and external sensor light, done by a real professional. Thanks Scott.

Now the bathroom  3 in 1 is there I can finish the cornice inlay and have lots of holes and places to patch, skirting and painting to complete.




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