Sanding floors, and dirty kitchen

Started Sanding the floor boards after removing a million staples, tacks, and more hook staples rusted and not. These tools really take you for a ride. The big one is ok, once you get the handle on it and line up the boards with the drum. Second factor is the handle which eases the depth of cut and lifts the drum on/off floor, i.e like landing and taking off with a lawn mower. After removing the skirting and quads in the wall corners, I feel it is looking better to my eye. The previous sander was pretty rough in places and filled in the gaps with lots of poly, but it was ok. Hope I do a better job with my hard wax oil finish. Still need to do another 2 grits to get it nice and smooth and ready for finish.


270420141407   lounge

The kitchen has had wall paper removed and horrible glass cabinet thing hanging from ceiling. More work on that in coming months.





Workbench leg brace and ripped up carpet in new home

trustyjack bigbrace 060420141384

Here I am ripping and planing these very large braces for the bench in progress, ripping 5″ stock in not that easy, the woodies are the best for quick stock removal, they are the easiest to get started with but the lack of weight my shoulders appreciate. Although the shavings at right are from my test skirting boards moulding for my new old place.


hallway lounge

Before with old Carpet


Old agent picture of kitchen



Here is the first look inside my place, just ripped up the very old carpet and there is reasonable floor underneath. But a lot of work a head of me. A kitchen with a lot of work in it as well and a lot of lace around…

And this is where it all begun Auction