Interesting tool Museum in Camden, NSW

This museum has loads of nice tools some within hands reach, though there are cameras, some on the wall within reach and some in the chest and display cabinet.  There are tools of all kinds, a section dedicated to carpenters and blacksmithing etc, which are all from local area, not too specific, there is some history stories to read placed around the museum. There was a timber mill here built back in Macarthur’s time just on the entrance to Camden. Really interest place, two levels and half top level is just dedicated to tools of all kinds.  Is open 7 days all day and free entry or coins offered.



Photo did not turn out as expected with lighting, but some nice planes where inside.


And then there were 3 legs.

Cut and fitted the right side angled leg. Still need to cut the second angled legs which is already oversized. Working in this heat will certainly make me loose some weight. 190120141306


After going to all the trouble these massive mortises, I am concerned about the split in the slab, I am thinking of putting some ends on sooner or some butterfly joints down the middle to help it not move apart.


190120141307 190120141308 190120141309



got sometime today..




mortice cut

Found it easiest to sit down while paring out the waste of the large mortises after boring out the main section.


mortices cut for main front section of bench, the back section will have a tool well dovetailed to the sides of the main foot wide slab.

110120141291 half the legs cut

Next need to do the angle tenons.





grinders make good skew chisels, this metabo 6 inch is very quiet, good for being my garage in block of units.

Rose wood Mallet

Went to lumber yard to get some silky oak, (my favourite timber, it likes me too). And  I found this nice piece of Rose wood, anyhow it was a freebie so made a mallet out of it and some maple for handle from an council clean up.181220131266271220131279271220131282271220131284